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Our catering offering can include our magical garden party set up, an interactive chef-staffed station or the option to be hosted at a venue in our valley.

The Garden Party

If you have a garden, we will bring the party. Set up includes outdoor picnic tables and seating, party lights and our interactive chef-staffed cooking station.

Our garden party set up is suitable for groups of up to 40 people and has been used for private parties and corporate functions.  It is also ideal for small, intimate weddings.

Chef-staffed cooking stations

Our chef-staffed cooking station comes with everything needed to cater at a venue of your choice. Our team injects some fun energy into any event and the set up is suitable for corporate or private functions.

The flexibility of our mobile kitchen means we can cater indoors or outdoors, for small intimate groups or groups of several hundred.

Our Valley Venue

Our burger bar, Frederick & Son, is situated in the Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth.  Various options exist in our valley development for accommodating large groups of people.  Bar facilities are also available at Richmond Hill Brewing Company next door to us.

Give us a call.  Or even better, visit us and we can chat about your next party or function.


Our interactive chef-staffed station can be set up at a venue of your choice.  We can supply staff to serve your guests at their tables.  For more informal weddings, guests can enjoy visiting the station and selecting from the menu.  Small, intimate weddings of up to 40 people can make use of our garden party set up including beautiful outdoor party lights.

Menu Options
We can supply the harvest table (selection of rustic breads, cheeses and other simple, tasty snacks).
The main meal can consist of burgers from our burger menu.
We can also create a Gourmet Braai menu if you are looking for something a little different.

Visit us!

Visit our burger bar in the Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth and try out our burger menu. Make an appointment with us to make sure we can be there to meet you and chat about your next party or function.


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